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readiness 360

how can we multiply our ministry?

Faith Church is taking seriously our call to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

One thing we are considering is how to intentionally create new ministries and new places to connect with new people who don't yet know God. To that end we are asking you to take an anonymous online survey called Readiness 360.

Please click here to log in and type in our congregation’s survey code: 765-989-4471 (do not include dashes). Set aside 20 minutes to take the survey within the next few weeks.

Thanks in advance for helping our congregation assess and grow into God’s preferred future.

what is the Readiness 360 assessment?

The Readiness 360 assessment is a completely anonymous survey that will help Faith Church identify opportunities for strengthening our church. It does this through assessing our spiritual intensity, dynamic relationships, missional alignment, and cultural openness.

After a critical mass within our congregation takes the online survey, Faith's leaders will report back our findings and as a congregation we'll discover our next steps together.

At the beginning of the assessment, you'll be asked to type in your name. Your name is not connected to the answers you give.

In addition, no one is able to access any results until the assessment period has ended. Again, your answers are completely anonymous, so please answer freely and honestly.

You should plan for about 20 minutes to take the survey. If you can't finish it all in one sitting, you'll have the option for creating a PIN (personal identification number) so you can access the survey to finish it later. Your PIN will be known only to you and cannot be used to connect your answers to your name.

for questions, help or to learn more

If you need help, please contact the church office at office@bellefontefaith.com or 814.355.3358.

If you have questions, please contact Pastor Andy at andy.morgan@bellefontefaith.com or Pastor David at david.carter@bellefontefaith.com; you can call either at 814.355.3358.

To learn more about the Readiness 360 project, click here.