Advent 2021

a simple holiday

Christmas is shaping up to be a busy and a potentially trying time. From pandemic problems to supply-chain shortages, the days to come could provide confusion and chaos--far from the comfort and joy we long for.

This year, set it all aside and celebrate A Simple Christmas.

On each Sunday during Advent and the Christmas season we'll look at a character in the Christmas story and see how their simple decisions changed their lives.

Together, let's discover how a simple step of faith, a simple invitation to joy, a simple star of hope, and a simple choice to love can truly change our lives.

Don't let the holiday season overwhelm you. Worship with Faith family and friends as together we observe a simple Christmas this year.

November 28: first Sunday of Advent | Mary's story

a simple step of faith

December 5: second Sunday of Advent | the shepherds' story

a simple invitation to joy

December 12: third Sunday of Advent | the wisemen's story

a simple star of hope

December 19: fourth Sunday of Advent | Joseph's story

a simple choice to love

December 24: Christmas Eve | Jesus' story

a simple gift from God

December 26: First Sunday of Christmas | Simeon's and Anna's stories

a simple promise of God