mission trip -- fall 2021

loving our neighbors in our community and our world

Faith Church's mission team plans to return to the Carolinas this fall from October 24-30. They will continue rebuilding work after the recent hurricanes and the ones of the last few years; this work will include various types of house construction and/or rebuilding.

Want to attend? Contact Larry Lingle at 814.441.9494 for full details.

As always, this trip is open to all friends and family of Faith, both old and new. Costs tend to be minimal, with each adult paying for their own travel food and giving a donation to the driver of his/her vehicle for fuel.

As details continue to be solidified, this page will be updated with travel arrangements, costs, work types, requirements, and more.

questions? ideas? want to serve? contact us

Contact Larry Lingle at 814.441.9494 (preferred) or lingle1275@gmail.com.