prayer walking

how to bless your neighbors in prayer

MBWA = "ministry by walking around": Prayer walking

Just as breathing and air are essential to being alive, prayer is essential in our relationship with God and the impact it has on the world around us. Want to pray for your neighbors? Consider going on a prayer walk.

It's easy to do, self-guided, and can be done by individuals or families/friends in a group. You can pray silently or aloud. You can pray while in motion, or you can stop and pray.

Here's a few tips to get you started.

1. Choose a part of your neighborhood to walk through. This could be a floor of your apartment building, the street you live on, or a section of your neighborhood.

2. As you are able, walk in that area and pray that God would bless the people who live there. If you know something about them, pray for something specific (their career or work situations, their family members, their marriage, their emotional and mental well-being, a recent loss). If you don't know them, pray for something less specific (their physical or emotional well-being, a good night's sleep, peace, financial stability, etc.). 

3. Pray for each person to know God's love and grace.  

You not be able to pray for every single home you pass, so feel free to pray for as many as you can or group some homes together as you go.

4. Other ideas:

  • You don't have to do a prayer walk just in your neighborhood. Try one of these places to pray:
  • You can prayer walk at your place of work; on a break, walk around your workspace and pray for your colleagues.
  • You can prayer walk in a public space; at a store, you might walk around and pray for each employee there you encounter, or in a park, you might walk and pray for each person that walks near you.
  • You can even pray in a parking lot! Find a place with a bunch of parked cars, and pray for the driver of each car.
  • Can't walk well? Weather not good for walking outside? You can prayer walk in place. Sit near a window or open doorway, and pray for the people you see as they go by. Pray for the people living in the houses you can see from your window.

No matter when, where or how you prayer walk, we know that God hears our prayers offered in love for others. We also know that through praying for others, God changes our own hearts and minds. How will God change you--and change the world--through your prayer walk?

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