serve at the Christmas Dinner

opportunities to grow in your relationships with the Church and world

It's a Christmas tradition: Faith family, friends and neighbors gather on Christmas Day to serve our community with comfort and joy for the body, mind, and heart.

The tradition continues this year with both in-house dining as well as take-out and delivery.

From cooking to preparing takeout servings to bringing dinners to our neighbors, there are many ways to serve. All those who serve at the event itself will need to wear masks that cover nose and mouth* and gloves (gloves provided, masks also available if needed). Masking may be required for other serving opportunities as well.

All in-person volunteer opportunities to serve have been filled for Christmas Day 2021.

See other opportunities to support the dinner below.

other opportunities to serve neighbors for the dinner

If serving in person before, during or after the Christmas Dinner is not an option for you this year, there are other ways you can support this mission.

Sharing news about this ministry allows us to reach more people to serve.

We need to get the word out to our community that we are having the dinner and that in-house dining has returned along with takeout and delivery meals. You can help by

  • posting a flyer at your work if you work in the Bellefonte area;
  • taking a flyer to a local Bellefonte business or organization and asking them if they would post it;
  • taking a dinner reservation slip to a friend or neighbor who may enjoy getting dinner on Christmas;
  • sharing this event on your social media channels;
  • and more.

Flyers and dinner reservation slips are available at the church office through Wednesday, 12/22.

Praying for this event and our community helps us stay focused on what's most important.

This event connects Faith Church to many, many people in our community. Without prayer, it's just a turkey dinner. Prayer partners for this mission help us to plan, prepare and interact with our neighbors as Jesus would. If you'd like to pray for us, here are some requests to help us serve, love and live as the presence of Jesus in our work.

Please pray:

  • that each person we serve sees Jesus in our words and actions;
  • that all those who serve in person stay healthy;
  • that all those who receive meals stay healthy or are returned to health;
  • that our delivery drivers stay safe on the road;
  • that we are patient and kind with each other when things get busy;
  • that our food brings satisfaction and comfort to each person who eats it;
  • that our coordinators make good plans in the midst of uncertainty and supply shortages;
  • that people who need to know about this meal hear of it;
  • that God is glorified in everything we say and do;
  • that God directs your prayers to pray for this ministry;
  • and more.

questions? who to contact

For more information about serving at the Christmas Dinner, contact Brad and Mindy Methven at 814.359.6754 (leave a message if you get voicemail) or