mission trip -- spring 2023

loving our neighbors in our community and our world

Mission trip: April 23-29

This spring’s mission trip will be to Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, a small community still grappling with flood damage following Tropical Storm Isaias in August 2020. Coordination of the recovery work is by Project Restoration, an office of the Eastern PA United Methodist Church conference. It appears the primary focus of our efforts will be in restoring inside walls and doors. People experienced (or who want to gain experience) in drywall removal and replacement as well as door frame restoration and door replacement are encouraged to come. Although this is the primary focus of the project, in all likelihood there will be numerous other small jobs needing attention, so we welcome anyone with or without “handyman” skills of any type to join us. 


Unlike the majority of our mission trips that are 8 or more hours’ drive away, this mission site is barely over 3 hours commute from Bellefonte. Consequently, people who can only participate for one or a few days but not the entire week are encouraged to join us! We will likely commute in small groups or simply one carload at a time leaving from Faith Church anytime from about 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 pm on Sunday April 23rd, with return expected to occur either Friday evening (4/28) or Saturday morning (4/29). 


Volunteers will be housed in a church building in Drexel Hill, with shower facilities provided a short distance away at the YMCA. Volunteers should provide their own cot or air mattress, bedding and towels. We like to reimburse our partner church, Mt. Calvary UMC, for providing us three wonderful hot meals a day. The anticipated donation is merely $12/day or $60 for the entire week, but we also have funds to cover this should this expense create any hardship. Also, to lighten the load for the wonderful cooks from Mt. Calvary church, volunteers are encouraged to bring some kind of snack food, dessert or goodie that can be shared throughout the week. Just like going on a cruise, participants are expected to gain weight while on these mission projects!


The United Methodist Volunteers in Mission guidelines are followed regarding liability waivers, medical release forms, emergency contact information, as well as criminal history and child abuse background checks. Roger Schwartz (roger.schwartz@bellefontefaith.com) will assist volunteers in getting all this documentation in order. Also, all volunteers who drive their own personal vehicle to the mission project are encouraged to submit receipts for fuel used in their vehicle, so that we may track actual costs of our efforts. The volunteers may also request reimbursement for their gasoline expenses or may declare the expense as part of their tithes and offerings to the Church should they so choose. Our purpose is simply to collect data on all the miscellaneous expenses incurred and provide the opportunity for reimbursement.


We do not have a limit on the number of volunteers who can participate, but anyone interested in joining us during the week of April 23 – 28 is encouraged to contact Roger Schwartz to learn more (roger.schwartz@bellefontefaith.com or 610-509-7919). We anticipate meeting on the evening of Wednesday, April 19 to discuss any final details AND load two trailers with tools and supplies for the trip.