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tools to help you read the Bible

At Faith Church, we believe that daily reading and study of scripture is one way we grow in our relationship with God. We know that developing the habit of reading scripture can be a challenge, and sometimes Bible passages can be hard to understand. Here are some resources to help you grow in this daily rhythm.

for everyone

Identity | click here

5 days | What we believe about ourselves shapes our identities. Unfortunately, there are a number of false beliefs we are carrying around. Not only do those false beliefs impact how we view ourselves, they also rob us of more fulfilling life. Read about some common , false beliefs people have about themselves, and the true beliefs that need to replace them.

Flourish in Identity | click here

5 days | This plan helps us understand a powerful truth: what we believe about ourselves will determine the direction of our lives. In these few days, may we believe the truth about who we are as outlined by God alone and believe what He victoriously declares about who we are in Jesus.

for young people

Switch | click here

4 days | This reading plan explores what Scripture has to say about identity. Follow the story of three students who are given a chance to change who they are. However, in order to gain a new identity, they must first leave behind who they used to be. Each day you'll read a passage of Scripture watch the story, and witness first hand what it means to find your identity in God.

for moms

A Mom's Identity in Christ | click here

5 days | Danielle Forté, wife of NFL Chicago Bears All-Star running back, Matt Forté and a certified 828 Life Coach, shares her reflections on faith, family and what it means to be a Christian mother and wife in today's world. Danielle tackles raising children, managing expectations, and keeping Christ at the center of the household.

other Bible reading and devotional resources


Life Church's YouVersion has many, many Bible reading plans available. You can choose a plan to read through the whole Bible, or a particular section of it. There are plans for kids and teens, too, and a lot more.

You can see all the plans (there's a bunch!) by clicking the button below.

Five-Day Reading Plan

This is the plan mentioned by Pastor Andy in early January. The Five Day Bible Reading Schedule was created by a husband-and-wife team so that if you skip a day or have a day off, you can still read through the Bible in a year.

The plan can be downloaded as a PDF and printed, double-sided, on an 8.5" x 11" piece of paper that's easy to read and share with others. Click the button below to learn more and get the plan.


The Navigators organization has three Bible reading plans available.

The Discipleship Journal Bible plan is a flexible, through-the-Bible-in-one-year plan that be started at any time; the Book At A Time plan includes daily readings from either Old or New Testament plus a reading from Isaiah or the wisdom literature. Both plans include "extra days" in each month for additional reflection or to catch up.

The 5 x 5 x 5 plan is a good one for developing a new Bible reading habit. You read for 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week, and choose one of 5 ways to dig deeper into each passage. This plan covers the New Testament.

Click the button below to see all three plans.

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