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small groups & Sunday classes

grow in your relationship with other followers of Jesus

you're not supposed to go it alone

God doesn't want us to “do life” alone - it's so much better together! Small groups and Sunday classes study the Bible, but also provide opportunities to connect and build relationships with others as we explore faith and life’s ups and downs together in a meaningful way.  

What do small groups look like?

Throughout the year Faith Church hosts a variety of small groups designed for all ages and walks of life. These groups meet in the church or in homes throughout the week. Our groups are come-as-you are, casual settings.

The material used is prepared by each group leader and is typically based off of a book and/or video series. Each study offers time for friendship, prayer and encouragement.

Is a small group right for me?

Yes! At Faith Church we encourage everyone to get connected in this way. Small Groups are vital to our vision to connect you to God and others, to prepare you to serve Christ and our community and to encourage you to grow deeper in your faith. There is no need for previous small group experience or extensive knowledge of the Bible.

How can I get connected?

To get connected to a Small Group or Bible Study, visit the Connection Table Sunday mornings, contact the group leader of a group you're interested in, or click here to sign up.

What if I have more questions? Contact Pastor David at david.carter@bellefontefaith.com or 814.355.3358.

groups available as of April 2021

SPECIAL NOTE FOR SPRING: As we shift back to in-person meetings, some groups may still be meeting online, or others may have shifted from in-person to meeting online instead. Others may not meet again until some time in the future.

Especially during this pandemic, it's always a good idea to reach out before attending a small group or Sunday class to confirm the time, location and manner of meeting.

For questions, contact Pastor David Carter at 814.355.3358 or david.carter@bellefontefaith.com.

groups meeting in person

Groups meeting in person observe social distancing and masking. Contact Pastor David for locations and additional details.


groups meeting at church

Sunday classes

Sunday, 9:30 AM: Led by Dick Snyder, the Foundations Sunday class is studying the book of Acts in a discussion format in room 47. No Bible knowledge is necessary!

Sunday, 9:30 AM: Led by Kerry Benninghoff, this group is studying the message of the weekly sermon in a conversational format. They meet in room 41.

Sunday, 9:30 AM: Led by Ryan Anderson, the Fellowship Sunday class is using a new hybrid video-and-discussion class based on Dallas Jenkins' "The Chosen" for a deeper study of Jesus' life and teachings in room 40.

NEW! Starting Sunday, May 2, 9:30 AM: Led by Michelle and Johnna Sette, this women's group will use a video series called "Messy People: Life Lessons from Imperfect Biblical Heroes." They'll look at how God uses broken people, restores broken hearts, and helps us deal with the hard moments of life.

Note: You don't have to sign up for Sunday classes if you'd prefer to just show up.

small groups

Wednesday, 6 PM: Led by Susan Kline, this women's group is studying the book Giving God Your Future in a questions-and-discussion format.


groups meeting online

Groups meeting online use digital technology like Zoom and other online meeting programs to get together. Contact Pastor David for further details.


Monday, 6:30 PM: Led by Nan Grove, this group is studying the message of the weekly sermon in a questions and discussion format.

Tuesday, 6 PM: Led by David and Bethany Carter, this young adults' group is studying the book of Acts in a questions and discussion format via Zoom meeting.

Wednesday, 6:30 PM: Led by Bethany Carter, this women's group is studying the book The Lord's Prayer by Aubrey Coleman in a questions and discussion format.

Wednesday, 6:30 PM: Led by Tina McKinley, this women's group is discussing the book Encouraging One Another in a questions and discussion format via Zoom meeting.

Wednesday, 8:30 PM: Led by David Carter, this men's group is studying the book of 1 Corinthians in a conversational format.