worship in person

in-person worship gatherings at Faith

it's good to see you

We offer in-person worship on Sunday mornings at 8:15 AM and 10:45 AM, while following local and state guidance for helping slow the spread of COVID-19 as we serve each other and our community.

The earlier worship gathering includes traditional hymns played on piano or organ; the later gathering includes current praise songs played by Faith's house band. Both services are streamed live via Facebook and YouTube; learn more here.

Dress code is come-as-you-are; some will be in suits and ties or dresses, others will wear shorts and t-shirts.

updated guidelines for in-person worship gatherings

updated November 2020

As we strive to offer a warm and welcoming environment at our in-person worship gatherings, we've worked with a team of medical professionals, elected officials, church leaders and more to update our guidelines for in-person worship to prioritize the health of friends and neighbors in our community and beyond.

Guidelines for attending Sunday worship gatherings in person

To help us keep you and others safe and healthy, we sanitize the restrooms and hard surfaces in the sanctuary before and between worship gatherings. We also have hand sanitizer in many places for you to use, and we can provide a mask for you if you need one.

When you come on Sunday mornings, please:

  • Enter at the sanctuary doors, which will open at 7:45 AM.
  • Wear a mask. Masks are required to enter the building; we will provide a mask for you if you don’t have one. Please keep your mask on during worship.
  • Allow our ushers to assist you. Every other pew is reserved to create space in front of and behind you.

In addition, we ask that you and your family sit on either end of the pews, or in the middle. If you are seated on an end and someone would like to sit in the middle, please stand and step out of the pew to allow your neighbor to enter the pew (standing up and "leaning back" is a little too close right now!).

Can't find a seat? Ask an usher or inquire at the Connection Table in the lobby, and we'll help.

  • Check out our digital bulletin. We're not handing out paper right now, including bulletins, so keep up with everything going on at Faith online at bellefontefaith.com/bulletin. If you have a question about an event, a ministry, or most anything, stop and chat on Sunday mornings with the friendly folks at the Connection Table in the lobby, just outside of the sanctuary doors.
  • Bring your tithes and offerings. You can place them in a secure offering box available as you enter or exit. You can also place prayer request or other pew cards here before or after worship.
  • As weather permits, visit with Faith family and friends outside before and after services. If you are chatting in the lobby or sanctuary, please remember to maintain a distance of at least six feet between people and to keep your mask on.
  • Bring your own coffee. Coffee and snacks will not be offered before or after worship gatherings . . . but you are most welcome to bring your own coffee into the sanctuary with you!

worship in person, online or listen live?

Remember: Staying home and worshiping online or dialing in to worship over the phone is STILL worship. Where two or more are gathered, Jesus is there . . . and that includes gathering in person, online, AND on the phone.

In fact, we encourage you to stay home if

  • you have any concerns about returning to in-person worship;
  • you are enjoying online worship with your family and want to continue worshipping with us this way, or
  • if you have a cough, a fever, trouble breathing or do not feel well in any way.