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meat canning with Mennonite Central Committee

partners in ministry in Bellefonte and beyond

feeding the hungry

Each year since 1946, Mennonite Central Committee has sent out a mobile meat cannery, which MCC workers and volunteers use to preserve hundreds of thousands of cans of meat for communities in need across the globe.

Managed by a four person canning crew who provides oversight to the canning operation and works alongside local canning committees and volunteers, MCC's Mobile Cannery produces some 1 million pounds of canned beef, chicken, and pork annually.

Faith Church is proud to team with MCC as together we feed people who are hungry, including many recovering from natural disasters. We support this ministry with designated financial giving in the church budget.

We also send a team of volunteers to work for a day in Belleville when the mobile cannery visits, usually in early February.

Faith family member Julie Hassinger recalls a talk she heard from an MCC member about the meat canning project. She recalls that the speaker said, "people in crisis don’t have the means to cook their food... they don’t have their utensils, or kitchens, or fire. They need ready-to-eat food.

... I loved his heart for hands-on mission work. (MCC missionaries don't) ask if disaster victims are Christians or not. They help anyone who needs it.

An old Mennonite woman explained to me that they go in mission to wherever things are bad and say,

'We came to help. Jesus sent us.' "

Faith family and friends working with the MCC to can meat on February 4, 2021--pictured throughout: Lanny King, Cindy Lingle, Diana Lyons, Hugh Cramer, Eileen Cramer, Susan Gay, John Gay,Jean Fields, Larry Lingle

get involved

If you'd like to participate in meat canning with the Faith missions team in February, contact Larry Lingle at 814.441.9494 or lingle1275@gmail.com.

If you'd like to be involved in MCC's meat canning ministry beyond February, learn more about those opportunities here.

Faith Church gives financially to the work of Mennonite Central Committee's meat canning project; click here for giving options.

If you'd like to give money directly to MCC's meat canning project, click here.

However you give, you will be helping to provide nutritious food for people in Canada, the U.S. and around the globe.

Showing love and spreading peace with canned meat: Mennonite Central Committee | Every year MCC’s Mobile Meat Canner travels across the United States and Canada meeting volunteers who prepare cans of turkey, beef, chicken and pork to be sent around the world. Over 30,000 people a year volunteer to fill, weigh, wash and label every can.

learn more

Click here for a great overview of Mennonite Central Committee's meat canning ministry with stories and pictures from past years.

Mennonite Central Committee (MCC), a worldwide ministry of Anabaptist churches, shares God’s love and compassion for all in the name of Christ by responding to basic human needs and working for peace and justice. MCC envisions communities worldwide in right relationship with God, one another and creation. To learn more about Mennonite Central Committee, click here.