Fall & Spring Missions Projects

missions work in Bellefonte and beyond!

Thinking back over your life, can you identify times, places and events in which God has blessed you beyond your expectations? And if the answer is yes, have you looked for and found opportunities to allow God’s blessings to flow through you so that others may also receive the Lord’s blessings? 

Faith Church gears up each fall and spring to work at rebuilding the Kingdom of God and spread blessings to others. We strive to have people of varying skill level in all types of maintenance, repairs, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, cleaning, organizing, yard work, house work, food service etc. But far more important than having technical skills of any kind is having a heart for service.

If this describes you and you’d like to volunteer a little bit of your time in repairing and rebuilding the Kingdom of God and seeing His blessings flow into the lives of others here in Centre County and beyond, we would be excited to have you join our missions team! 


See what we were up to on our Fall 2023 Missions Trip!

2023 Fall Missions Trip