prayer quilt and shawl ministry

made by hand with love

Prayer quilts and shawls are made by hand with love and prayer by the Prayer Quilt and Shawl Ministry (PQSM) of Faith Church. These tangible representations of God's love are given to people in need to surround them with prayer as they go through various difficult life situations.

During the construction of prayer quilts or shawls, the act of praying while making them imbues the fabric with a gift and a power. With God's help, the energy of the maker's prayers goes into the mind and heart of the recipient through the quilt.  After their construction, the quilts and shawls are blessed by a pastor and/or the PQSM group. The recipients get strength, courage, and hope, powerful agents that are needed to face a crisis or an illness.

Prayer quilts and shawls (shawls are crocheted or knitted) are also given to anyone baptized at Faith Church, to Faith family & friends currently serving in the military, and they are given to those we serve on mission trips.

Please contact the church office at 814.355.3358 or if you know anyone who would benefit from receiving a prayer quilt or shawl. Prayer quilts and shawls cannot be purchased or customized.

You cannot buy a prayer quilt--but you CAN buy one of the many other handmade quilts and gifts on sale at the Bazaar on Saturday, 11/5.

The PQSM holds only one fundraiser each year--and it's at the bazaar. There you can purchase quilts made in a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns, as well as insulated hot pads, aprons, adult bibs, Christmas ornaments, PSU items, Christmas gift bags, and so much more. Proceeds from the sale go toward purchases of fabric and supplies, and the PQSM also gives financially to ministries at Faith Church.