Sowing Seeds in Belize

partners in ministry in Bellefonte and beyond

Faith Church supports the good work done by Sowing Seeds in Belize

This month we have updates and opportunities from Sowing Seeds in Belize. Faith Church has been proud to partner with SSIB for a few years now, participating in their shipping container projects, supporting SSIB at dinners and most recently, sending 100% of the 2020 Christmas offering to further their good work among rural families in Belize.


There are many ways the Faith family can support Sowing Seeds in Belize. Prayer is essential for SSIB; as they say, "it's what keeps us going!" Read much more about SSIB, and how you can support them with your prayers, your time, your donations, your money and more on their Facebook page, their Instagram account, or their website at

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If you have questions or ideas, please contact Larry Lingle at 814.441.9494 or

If you'd like to learn more about the good work of Sowing Seeds in Belize, click the button below.